The One Where They Had A Reunion

[Warning: very minimal Friends: The Reunion spoilers.] “Where is everyone? Come on, I want to see everyone.”  David Schwimmer says this around three minutes into the reunion special. The same words were running through my mind as I watched it for the first time. “So no one told you life was gonna be this way,Your … Continue reading The One Where They Had A Reunion

Droplets Podcast: The Making Of

“Tulog na kayo lahat? Parang gusto ko gumawa tayo ng podcast [Are you all asleep? I’m thinking we should make a podcast] hahahaha.” It was half past midnight when Eggy sent this message to the Droplet’s group chat. Most were already asleep, but the ones still online – Ann and Francis – immediately said yes. … Continue reading Droplets Podcast: The Making Of

LYKA: Social Media With A Twist

What is LYKA? LYKA is a relatively new social media platform integrated with a “digital point system”, called Gift card in Electronic Mode or GEMs, which can be used to pay for things. The app, which was developed by Things I Like Company Limited, has been around since 2019 but it has gained more attention … Continue reading LYKA: Social Media With A Twist

A Guide To Getting a Big Boys Toy Store Exclusive Voltes V Funko Pop!

A Voltes V Funko Pop! is going to be released as a Big Boys Toy Store (BBTS) Philippine exclusive! Sean Medrazo went on Facebook Live last night, together with collectors Ganch and Geran as guests, to explain the mechanics for purchasing their upcoming exclusive. Set to be released in December 2020, the regular 4-inch Voltes … Continue reading A Guide To Getting a Big Boys Toy Store Exclusive Voltes V Funko Pop!

In Focus: Joram Bennagen

One quick glance at his Instagram account and it is hard not to see familiar scenes.  You may be looking at the pictures for the first time, but there is that feeling that you have already seen some of them before: While waiting for the bus or jeepney on your way home. Inside the train … Continue reading In Focus: Joram Bennagen


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