A Guide To Getting a Big Boys Toy Store Exclusive Voltes V Funko Pop!

A Voltes V Funko Pop! is going to be released as a Big Boys Toy Store (BBTS) Philippine exclusive!

Sean Medrazo went on Facebook Live last night, together with collectors Ganch and Geran as guests, to explain the mechanics for purchasing their upcoming exclusive.

Set to be released in December 2020, the regular 4-inch Voltes V pop can be pre-ordered for 1,195 PHP from the BBTS website (bigboys.ph) until Tuesday, November 10, or until supplies last. 

There is also a pre-order bundle available for 1,800 PHP. The bundle includes the Voltes V pop, a random regular pop, and a special Sumo Dollar coupon. It was not announced what the coupon is for, but based on Ganch and Geran’s reactions after finding out, getting the bundle will be worth it. 

The pops in both options will come in a regular pop protector and a sorter box.

A pre-order slot will be considered reserved only after check-out. The item must also be paid in full by Thursday, November 12. Any unpaid pre-orders will be considered as “abandoned” and will subsequently be cancelled starting November 13.

The BBTS website accepts payments via Paypal, credit card, and bank transfer. Buyers can also use GCash to transfer to BBTS’s bank account or go to any BBTS branch to settle the payment. Member and VIP discount applies, but the purchase will not earn any of the regular sumo dollars.

There will be no limit to how many pops a person can pre-order, although BBTS reserves the right to cancel orders with very high quantities, especially for those with a history of cancelling pre-orders.

Initially released as mystery boxes in September, October and earlier this month, Sean said those who ordered and paid during prior releases will get the same package plus a freebie sticker designed by Freely Abrigo. Freely also designed the current profile picture on the BBTS Facebook page. This Freely sticker is different from what’s actually on the Voltes V pop’s box, which will be consistent regardless of when the pop was pre-ordered or purchased: a BBTS Exclusive sticker and a TOEI Animation sticker which also serves as proof that the product is officially licensed.

Based on the licensing agreement, the Voltes V pop is a Philippine exclusive. People located outside the Philippines cannot buy these directly from BBTS.

Closer to the release date, the bundle version will also be available in Lazada and Shopee for 1,995 PHP. This will include the Voltes V pop and the random regular pop. The ones bought via Lazada or Shopee will no longer have the coupon.

Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) of the pop is before Christmas 2020. For those claiming their pre-orders in person, this will be released in batches to ensure the branches do not get overloaded. A text message will be sent once the order can already be claimed.

All items will be in sealed boxes marked with the respective order number regardless if for shipping or for claiming. Those claiming in person will not be allowed to choose nor exchange what they got if there are minor defects in either the pop itself or the box. Major defects such as missing limbs can be exchanged.

This exclusive took BBTS almost three years to arrange, and there are no plans of releasing this pop again after this initial run, nor in releasing a metallic variant of the pop. 

Photo from Big Boys Toy Store Facebook Page (fb.com/bigboystoystore).

***Pre-order your Voltes V Funko Pop! At the BBTS website (https://www.bigboys.ph/search?keyword=voltes). More info at BBTS’ Facebook Page (@bigboystoystore) or watch last night’s Facebook live here.

// by Francis Abad


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